Friday, August 17, 2012

Chapter Six: Poop, Glorious Poop

A cold-eyed neighbor lady, whom I came to know as the Tibetan Buddhist Bitch and in whom I saw not a single drop of kindness the whole time I was there, couldn’t let us pass without a sneer or a comment or both.

“'You will never teach that dog to walk on a rope. She is a wild dog," she said, as translated by another neighbor. 

Pup proved her wrong, which of course made the Buddhist bitch like her even less.  Some of her comments were apparently too nasty to translate, because the other neighbor blanched and instead of explaining, looked away, embarrassed.  The Tibetan Buddhist Bitch was not a poor lady. She owned a big house and all her kids were in college or careers and had nice clothes and motorcycles.  For someone so privileged to be offended by a street dog’s lucky break?  That takes a particular smallness of character....